Mr Grinch!

This week in Year 3 we have also been learning about  Mr Grinch! We learnt why he hated Christmas and learnt lots of new vocabulary to describe his bitter personality.

Then, we decided to write Mr Grinch a letter to persuade him to enjoy Christmas and told him all the points to why Christmas is a time to enjoy with your family and it’s not just about presents!











Here’s a letter from Saif from 3KP, this letter was chosen as he has tried so hard with his handwriting this half term and his letter was beautifully written!




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Year 3’s Polar Express experience

For the past 2 weeks the whole school has been learning about the lovely Christmas book, The Polar Express. Each class had to create their own outcome which was a result of their own learning.

Year 3’s outcome was to write a setting description of The Polar Express. They had to describe the scene when  the children were inside the train carriage drinking hot chocolate, eating sweets and being rather silly singing Christmas carols! Therefore Year 3 had hot chocolate, ate sweets and were rather sill singing Christmas carols! The teachers also really enjoyed being silly singing Christmas Carols.

The children also had to write a setting description on what the children in the story could see out of the train window! The howling, cunning wolves!!


Here are the pictures showing all the fun Year 3 have had over the 2 weeks.

Have a lovely Christmas, we will see you in the New Year!


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Year 3 trip

Please find below the letter for Year 3’s next trip.

We do ask that the trip is paid via the ParentPay app.


If there are any difficulties please ask your child’s teacher.

Best wishes

Year 3 team 🙂

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Perfect Party Trip

Dear Year 3 children,

Your teachers have the pleasure to announce that this half term’s Perfect Party Trip will happen next Thursday 23rd (Whop Whop).

Below you can view the letter which you should have received in school.

Please remind your parents to pay the contribution towards the party via Parent Pay App.


Your lovely teachers.

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Lankeu-3KP’s adopted black rhino.

It is with great honour to announce that, due to 3KP’s SUPERB effort last Friday raising money during G.E.M day, that we have been able to adopt a black rhino for an entire year!

Lankeu is a rhino who lives in Kenya and he is under threat due to poachers and climate change. However, due to the hard work of 3KP he is now being cared for by rangers on a daily basis.

Well done 3KP- I am very proud of you all.

All the best

Miss Petty 🙂


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We hope you have enjoyed your half term and we are looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow for a productive, fun half term!

Please ensure you have done your homework.

Re-write your favourite fairy tale in your own words! Can you add illustrations to your story?

Related image

We look forward to reading them tomorrow.

All the best

Year 3 team

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Oxford owl!

We have  a fantastic link to share with you all!

This website is accessible at home where you will be able listen, read and watch books online. There are also lots of fun and educational activities to complete which are linked to the story.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

(Here is the link)

Best wishes

Year 3 team


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Researching endangered animals

This week in Year 3 we have been researching animals which are either endangered, extinct or thriving. We discussed what impact humans are having on their lives either through hunting, climate change or habitat change through deforestation etc.

We worked in groups of 4 and 5’s. We worked around the classroom researching the different animals as a carousal as each table had a different animal. We assigned ourselves different roles such as captain, scribe and the key researcher (even though we all researched).

The animals we researched were cats, gorillas, black rhinos, dodos and sea turtles.

Have a look at our photos!

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In Year 3, for the past 3 weeks, we have been learning about WALL-E’s world and understanding that we don’t want our planet to be disgusting, rancid and full of rubbish! For your homework create/describe your PERFECT world? You must write a descriptive paragraph.

Your homework book will be given to you on Friday and please bring it back the following Thursday.

Image result for perfect planet


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Big question

Our big question this half-term is “Why does the world need saving?

Think carefully – how can you answer that question?

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