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Monthly Archives: May 2016

First News

We’ve been reading the newspaper this week as a treat when we have finished some of our work.  We have enjoyed reading articles about recent movies, especially The Avengers!  Some of us found an article about a very cute polar bear who experienced snow for the very first time. We also found out that newspapers … Continue reading »

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Beastly Machines

If you have really enjoyed learning about using recycling as art then there is an Art Exhibition you should really go to! It is called Beastly Machines and it is at Bradford Industrial Museum from now until November. The exhibition is a collection of mechanical sculptures by an artist called Johnny White.  His sculptures are … Continue reading »

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Our recycling information pages

We have been writing our own information pages about recycling this week. We have planned, written and edited each of the paragraphs.  Some of us are now publishing on the comments here today so don’t forget to have a read, hopefully we can make you decide to recycle.    

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Work, tell, play, talk, ride, slide, run, jump, swim, rake, throw and sleep.  These are all examples of verbs.  We know a verb is a ‘doing’ word.   Today in Year 3 we have been using verbs to talk and write about recycling.  Here are some photos of us playing verb bingo!      Here … Continue reading »

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After writing amazing stories using the book ‘Tower to the Sun’, Year 3 are now learning about information texts.  We have looked at the features and the layout and done our own research on recycling. Why not go on this website to find out more about recycling in Bradford. Bradford Recycling    Next week we … Continue reading »

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How much?

Money, money, money.  Our Maths learning has been all about money this week.  We have been working out the value of each coin and which coins are needed to make different amounts. Next week we will be adding and subtracting money.   Here are some money games you can play at home.    … Continue reading »

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3BB got a well deserved treat this afternoon as we have had a full week of every child in every day! The children got to enjoy popcorn and juice with some golden time.       Next week they’re going for every child in, on time, every day!  Let’s see if they get another treat … Continue reading »

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