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Monthly Archives: October 2016

October half term

Our half term holiday is very nearly over and it’s back to school tomorrow. What have you been doing this week? Write a comment telling us what interesting things you have done, remember to make your sentences really interesting with lots of detail.  

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What’s the perimeter?

We’ve had the metre sticks and rulers out in Year 3 this week.  We have been measuring the perimeter of large shapes in the hall and small shapes in the classroom.  Have a go at these questions at home.   Challenge: Can you write the instructions of how to work out the perimeter of a … Continue reading »

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Maths Magician!

Today was the day we have all been practicing for, the Maths Magician assembly!  The three children from 3SK all did amazingly especially Sudais who won the silver award with 20 out of 20.  Well done Sudais!  

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What are you reading?

I’m curious, what book are you reading at the moment? Are you enjoying it? Send me a comment explaining a little bit about the story.  Can you persuade me to read it too?

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The Tin Forest

During our English lessons we are changing the story ‘The Tin Forest’ into a poem.  We are going to need adjectives, verbs and adverbs from the story to write out poems. Look at these pictures and write a list of all the adjectives, verbs and adverbs that you can think of.  

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Addition and Subtraction word problems

This week we have been reading addition and subtraction word problems.  When reading the questions we have had to look for the vocabulary (words) that tell us which operation we need (+ or -). Send me a comment with the vocabulary that you can see in these problems.  For an extra challenge why not work … Continue reading »

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The Journey Home

During our Science lessons we have been learning about animals habitats and the different ways that they are being destroyed by humans.  Next week we are going to use this information to write our own versions of the story home in our English lessons. Look at these pictures and practise writing sentences using: openers adverbs … Continue reading »

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Addition and Subtraction

During our Maths lessons we have been demonstrating how we can use different methods to solve addition and subtraction calculations.  We have used base 10 to build the problems,  drew bar models to show what is happening in a calculation, and used this information to use the written method for both operations.   Here are … Continue reading »

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