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October half term

Posted by on October 30, 2016

img_0050Our half term holiday is very nearly over and it’s back to school tomorrow. What have you been doing this week? Write a comment telling us what interesting things you have done, remember to make your sentences really interesting with lots of detail.


9 Responses to October half term

  1. Rehan

    I have been doing some pictures and writing ???

  2. Rehan

    About hallowen

  3. Rehan

    It is like candys that you gave to everybody

  4. Rehan

    Even I did some other things on a paper I drawed a person that giving treat and candys lots of am ????? I can’t remember !!!!

  5. Rehan

    will i really did draw a picture of a person that was a girl giving candy.

  6. siddiqah

    i got these cool shoes they are called heelys i was learning how to ride them i got the hang of it in a few days

    • Mrs Kew

      They did look fun when you came in them this evening! I think I’d fall over in them!

  7. Siddiqah

    They were EASy

  8. sumayo

    I played outside and i went town and some other shops.Even i got a new coat,trousers, and socks.

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