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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Speech marks

I’ve remembered the five finger speech rules from our English lessons. 1. Opening speech marks “ 2. Capital letter, what was said 3. Punctuation .,?! 4. Closing speech marks “ 5. Synonym for said and who was talking I tried to use these rules in my writing but I think I’ve gotten muddled up. Please … Continue reading »

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Multiplication and Division problems

We have used lots of different multiplication and division facts this week to help us solve word problems.  We have looked at number families as these help us remember facts quickly. Play this game at home to see if you can make all the different number families. Write a comment explaining how you knew how … Continue reading »

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Reflective Materials

In Science this week we have been investigating which materials would be good to use on a disco ball. What did we find out in our investigation? Watch this short video to find out how reflective materials are also used to keep people safe.  

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What would you do?

Imagine you are Cinderella. The clock has chimed midnight and you have started to run back. On your way to the carriage you lose one of your glass slippers. What would you do? Write a comment explaining what you would do. Use because to explain your choice.

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Lots of thinking has happened in our Maths lessons this week as we have learnt how to multiply 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers. Have a go at these questions. Write a comment with your answers or bring in your working out for us to have a look at in class. Remember to draw … Continue reading »

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To start our new topic we have been learning about Diwali and Chinese New Year. Write a comment with some of the facts that we have learnt this week. Try to use one of the sentence openers from our lessons and a descriptive noun phrase.

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Perfect Party!

  Our topic this half term is ‘Perfect Party’. What would your perfect party be like? Think about where it would be, who would be there and what you would do.  Write a comment explaining all about it.

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