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The Jumanji Experience!

Posted by on February 3, 2017

Some of the Year 3 children have been lucky enough to visit Bolling Hall Museum this week for an interactive Jumanji experience.  They adventured throughout different disasters; exploring sounds, smells and artifacts.

Here are some pictures from 3SK, more from the other classes will follow!






16 Responses to The Jumanji Experience!

  1. Rehan

    I think that you guys did is coulor Jumanji all of the animals and the valcano irupting Judy and Peter all about that.

  2. danyal

    We saw a lions skull.

  3. danyal

    We saw a spotty,yellow and hairy lepord skin.

  4. Fauziah

    I enjoyed When we went to bolling hall

  5. Brian

    I loved Bolling Hall because it was very exciting!

  6. Humaira

    I enjoyed me trip at Bolling hall mueseum,my favourite room was Africa because it had bongo drums, a mask and a floor carpet which was fluffy

  7. Humaira

    scary,wooden mask

  8. Humaira

    loud,miniture bongo drums

  9. Humaira

    As I searched the room, I found the mask and in big handwriting it said”KENYA” at the back.

  10. Humaira

    We also saw a lions skull it was creepy,bony.

  11. Alisha

    i love bowling hall
    i hope we go again
    we freed alan
    scary,fluffy lion
    it was scary


    THE Africa room was so hot and sunny I saw a drum and some small one’s drumes I baned

  13. sumayo

    I loved it when we went to bowling hall we saw a big skull of a lions teeth.Miss Kew I hope we go again.
    we went to the Africa room we saw, big fluffy dangoeroes lions on a big screen.
    Miss Kew.

  14. malaki

    the weather room was cold and i remember when the tornado rised

  15. Ihtasham

    I like boiling hall I hope we go again we were all worried when we were stuck in the dark volcano room luckily the scary,creepy statue told us the way too escape the volcano room

  16. Ricardo and Humaira

    We loved Bollinghall because we heard spooky sounds

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