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3SK’s story time

Posted by on February 9, 2017

Hi 3SK!

We have just finished reading this book in class and I think I can easily say that we all loved it! It made us laugh, there was lots of new vocabulary for us to learn and I really liked how the author changed the font for words like ‘bounced’ and ‘jumped’.

What was your favourite part of the book? Why did you like it so much?

Some of the girls found this book in our book corner and they want to read it next.

Send me a comment or write on paper at home your predictions for this book. ┬áDon’t forget to use evidence from the last book to back up your ideas.

Look forward to hearing your predictions!

Mrs Kew

16 Responses to 3SK’s story time

  1. Rehan

    The Clumsiest of the top one is quiet of the same of the food that they are having.

  2. Rehan

    The clumsies at the bottom the giraffe was laughing because he’s really exited so that he can catch the clumsies.

    • Mrs Kew

      Good idea Rehan. Do you think the giraffe will manage to catch them?

  3. Rehan


  4. Rehan

    The giraffe would catch them and manage their quickly to the clumsies.

  5. Alisha

    I like the clumsily make a mess of the school because Mickey Tomsen was greedy for the food. I like the clumsily because pervisi tells Mickley Tom’s en of. I predict that In the clumsily make a mess of the zoo because they eat the animals food.

  6. Rehan

    I like how mickey tomsen tells Howell to play the sport game.

  7. Rehan

    I like how Mickey Tomsen wants food in the zoo

  8. siddiqah

    I think that mick tompsen eats all the bananaas for the gorilas and he lets them out because he is clumsy(ofcourse)

  9. Rehan

    I think that the graffe will dance and the clumsies will laugh at the grafie.

  10. habeeba malaika zaman

    i think that mickey tomsen will make a mess in the zoo with his friends and will let the animals out because he is clumsy and will eat the food.the zoo keeper might try to find mickey tomsen and run after him because he let all the animals out. because mickey tomsen let the animals out they will make a mess because they will run and knock things over.the zoo keeper will feel angry because mickey tomsen made a mess with his friends in the zoo.

  11. yusuf

    i think in the clumsies make a mess at the zoo mickey tompsen eats the animals food.

  12. danyal

    I think the giraffe will destroy everything when it is free.

  13. Ihtasham

    I think miki tompsen will eat all the nuts and when a zookeeper feeds the animals they can’t find the food for the poor hungry animals too eat.

  14. kashif

    I really like this book because the giraffe will dance and Mickey Tompson will laugh at the giraffe

  15. Kashif

    i think that the clumsies are all the animals that dont know what they are doing and get transfered to another zoo and the owner of that zoo is stricket and doent let the animal do what ever they want to do and then the animals work togeather and try to escape the zoo.

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