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The dreaded Miss Trunchbull

Posted by on March 17, 2017

Year 3 have been finding out all about Miss Trunchbull, the beastly, terrifying Head Teacher of Matilda’s school. Imagine if Mr. Herrington was like her!


Can you describe Miss Trunchbull using the exciting vocabulary we have been learning about this week?

Which powerful adjectives will you choose?

Can you create a descriptive noun phrase?

Perhaps you could show not tell the reader what she is like?

Don’t forget to use appropriate apostrophes and pronouns to help you.


21 Responses to The dreaded Miss Trunchbull

  1. Humaira

    Miss Trunch bull is a mean, nasty person to be around.

  2. Arsalan

    Miss Trunchbull is main,nasty and horrible becuse she puts people in the choky.Matilda is kind,helpful because she helps Miss Honey.
    She all ways help Miss Honey.

  3. Safiya

    Miss Trunchbull is a horrible female who never says polite words. She is out of this world and you get a feeling she could shatter a brick into quarters. She is battier than a bedbug and has no interest in education. She is the total opposite​ to Miss Honey.

    I predict that Matilda will decide to go to Miss Trunchbull’s office to ask for something.

  4. Humaira

    The dreaded Miss Trunchbull is a person who can be described an ugly,smelly woman. Once she grabbed poor, sweet Amanda by her cute pigtails, swung her around and let her go.

  5. Sumayo

    Mrs Truncbull is a female that is out of her mind and she has none of
    those quality like the other teachers have. She has thrown a five years old child by her hair.As soon as miss Truncbull was meant one of those teacher’s went up to her office and spoke to miss Truncbull she was nervous and confused when Mrs Tranch bull said aword

  6. Danyal

    Miss trunch bull is a unsympathetic,excentric and unstoppable force in school and outside.she is a very cruel and misrable old woman.

  7. shaheer

    As you know Mrs. TrunchbuLl the headmistres will throw you if she sees anyone do anything. Have you ever seen such a bad person?she has such a cruel mouth that you wouldn’t want to be there when she bellows.

  8. Malaki

    Beware of the dreaded Mrs. Trunchbull because she is around Crunchem Hall Primary School being horrible to all of the children.

  9. Katerina

    Miss Trunchbull is a menacing lady and she never has a smile on her face.

  10. River

    Miss Trunchbull is a mean, menacing Teacher.

  11. Hasnain and Kiran

    When Miss Trunchbull speaks, she has a cruel mouth. You wouldn’t be there. When you are walking down the corridor, you wouldn’t want be there because Miss Trunchbull will push you to the hard,metal wall.

  12. Urwa and Safiya

    Miss Trunchbull has a thick whip that could hurt anyone in her way . In the hall way, beware of the dreaded, cruel Miss Trunchbull she can do anything to you. The Trunchbull use to complete the olympics shot put, javaling and hammer throw. As you know the dreaded Miss Trunchbull is stronger than a dinosaur. Imagine you’re head teacher that strong. The only Miss Trunchbull in Crunch hall primary is the worst school.

  13. Miroslav

    Miss Trunchbull is a huge , scary women.

  14. Alisha

    Miss Trunchbull is such a bad woman because she locks children in the chokee which is very mean to do.

  15. Ricardo and Humaira

    Miss Trunchbull is near you BEWARE she is exceedingly mad. Here is my proof, once she grabbed innocent Amanda, swung her around and let her go but luckily she landed in the flowers.

  16. Daniela

    Miss Trunchbull puts people in the chooky if they get her very very angry.

  17. Masuma and Mory

    Miss Trunchbull the head ministres of crunch hall primary school
    She will pull your pigtails and throw you over the fence. If you were in the school you will be petrified. This is a warning to girls never wear pig tails to school. Imagine if children were there for the first time. Bewere!!!! If you see Miss Trunchbull run away. As soon as possible.

  18. Fabian

    When you go to school you never be happy because Mr trochboll goner pull your ease.

  19. Daniela

    Miss Trunchbull puts people in the chooky if they get her very very angry.

  20. kashif

    Miss trunchbull is mean to everybody and puts people in the chooky if they annoy her

  21. Mr W K SALEEM

    Miss Trunch bull is grotesque moody and mean because she locked people in the chocky.

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