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Lankeu-3KP’s adopted black rhino.

Posted by on November 10, 2017

It is with great honour to announce that, due to 3KP’s SUPERB effort last Friday raising money during G.E.M day, that we have been able to adopt a black rhino for an entire year!

Lankeu is a rhino who lives in Kenya and he is under threat due to poachers and climate change. However, due to the hard work of 3KP he is now being cared for by rangers on a daily basis.

Well done 3KP- I am very proud of you all.

All the best

Miss Petty 🙂


4 Responses to Lankeu-3KP’s adopted black rhino.

  1. Aisha

    Lanku is so cute .

  2. hayyan

    i am so happy that we saved a rhino and we get to look after it for a year . Lanku is so cute.

  3. Ruqqayah Majid

    I can’t wait to see Lanku to grow up.

    • Miss Petty

      How wonderful that we raised enough money to adopt our rhino! We will get 3 updates every year regarding Lankeu so when I know you will also know Ruqqaya. 🙂
      Miss Petty

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