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Author Archives: Mrs Kew

3SK’s story time

Hi 3SK! We have just finished reading this book in class and I think I can easily say that we all loved it! It made us laugh, there was lots of new vocabulary for us to learn and I really liked how the author changed the font for words like ‘bounced’ and ‘jumped’. What was … Continue reading »

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Try these angles questions at home.  Remember acute is smaller than a right angle (less than 90 degrees) and an obtuse is between 90 and 180 degrees. Write a comment or bring your work into class. Challenge! Why don’t you make your own angle measurer at home and find out what objects in your house … Continue reading »

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The Jumanji Experience!

Some of the Year 3 children have been lucky enough to visit Bolling Hall Museum this week for an interactive Jumanji experience.  They adventured throughout different disasters; exploring sounds, smells and artifacts. Here are some pictures from 3SK, more from the other classes will follow!          

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Adding and Subtracting fractions

Now we understand what a fraction is, we have been learning how to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator. Have a go at these questions. You can send a comment with the answers or you can bring them in on some paper. REMEMBER: Click on the picture to make them bigger.   Challenge! … Continue reading »

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More amazing work from home!

Here is some more amazing work that has been done at home.  This time from Fauziah in 3SK.  She used the information that she learnt during topic this week to create a poster about Earth’s layers.  Good work Fauziah!

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Do you dare to play?

  Together they listened to a rumbling in the hallway.  It grew louder and louder. Suddenly, a herd of rhinos charged through the living room and into the dining room crushing all the furniture in their path. Peter and Judy covered their ears as sounds of splintering wood and breaking china filled the house. (An … Continue reading »

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This week’s Maths lessons have been all about fractions.  We have been matching fractions to shapes, learning new vocabulary numerator and denominator, finding equivalent fractions and ordering fractions. I’ve added a link to a video to watch to remind yourself what we have been learning and a game to practice at home.  I wonder which level you will … Continue reading »

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A day in Pompeii

We watched this video as part of our topic work this week.  We described the thoughts and feelings of the villagers as Mount Vesuvius erupted. Watch the video again.  Can you write a short paragraph describing what is happening? Remember to use: descriptive language (noun phrases and similes) different openers a mixture of short simple … Continue reading »

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Amazing Art Work

  This amazing poster was brought in by Sumayo in 3SK.  She has been very busy at home, labelling her volcano and adding nouns and adverbs.  We were so impressed we have displayed it on our topic display in class. We would love to see any other work that you do at home.  Maybe your … Continue reading »

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Happy New Year!

      All the Year 3 staff would like to wish you a happy new year.  We hope you’ve had a good rest and that you are ready to get back to learning tomorrow! See you all at 8.45.    

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