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Blogging Safely

At Bowling Park we’re very lucky to have a blog for every single class as well as other fantastic blogs for the School Council, Digital Leaders and more.

Blogging is a really fun way of working as it allows us to share our learning with other children and adults in school and around the whole world!

It is very important to use the blog in a sensible way so that we can stay safe at all times. There a re a few simple rules you must follow to make sure you stay safe when using any of our school blogs:

1. Only post your FIRST NAME when commenting on the blog. You must NEVER post your surname.

2. Never post any personal information about yourself – this includes your phone number and address.

3. Be respectful of other people’s work – use the blog to make positive, helpful comments only.

If you see anything on the blog which makes you feel uncomfortable or upset, please speak to your class teacher or Mr. Mayoh who will be able to help you.

Also remember to write in full sentences, remembering to include capital letters and full stops. We will not approve any comments written in text speak.

We hope that these simple rules will help everybody to enjoy our blog safely.

5 Responses to Blogging Safely

  1. Alan's

    These pictures are great.

  2. Owain

    I think new toy’s are better then old toy’s because new toy’s are culurful and old toy’s are not.My favorut toy of all times is a wrestler.

  3. haaniyah

    Suddently, the boy ran to school in a rush and he ran quickly down his street.
    As quik as a flash, the boy kiked the girl and the girl started
    One sunny day, a two girls were watering flowers the couliful, big
    And quit garden.
    One cold day, tow girls were singing beatifully.
    One rainy day, there was a big thunder storm and every one
    got scared.

  4. danyal

    If someone tells you where you live anything go down stairs.

  5. danyal

    somtimes people pretend to be your freind

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